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Welcome Back!


John from Sussen here. It's been more than a year seen my last post here, and probably almost as long since my last email to those of you subscribed to that. I won't go into detail ( I spent last year as most of you did), but the project pretty much came to a screeching halt last March.

I hadn't revisited it except for occasionally pondering possible improvements & changes I know I'm going to have to make. It was a distant to-do, then I got an email.

Somebody came across the old crowdfunding page & went through the effort to track me down and contact me via my less public business email. (Not in a creepy way; It's all public info, you just have to do some digging). She asked if I had any prototypes she could buy off me. I don't, but now I really want to get her the Kivu press! I'd like to get it to all of you!

I've been getting sign-ups to this blog lately too, and since things have settled down a bit, it seems like the time is right to start working on a relaunch. I have to reach out to my partners & find some new ones. Time is tight and I don't have a firm timeline right now, but as they say, watch this space!

I look forward to bringing you the most practical glass coffee press there is!


John DeMicco

Founder, Sussen

Oh, and while you're here...

Remember the 'why' of this project. You can still contribute to the entrepreneurial women of The Nziza Collective to help with their efforts to become economically independent, and you can buy their coffee directly from Land of a Thousand Hills!

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